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Our Ongoing Investigation of Bigfoot Near Our
Parkersburg, West Virginia Home

This website is an ongoing chronical of what Linda Sigman & I, Michael Moore, call a Bigfoot investigation.  Our backgrounds are here and our stories of how we both became interested in Cryptozoology, the Paranormal and Ufology.  We call our website BigFootin mostly because of what we’ve been experiencing here in the woods near and on our property in West Virginia.  

As some will know that it is difficult to research a creature such as Bigfoot and not end up delving into Cryptozoology that includes other creatures.  Bigfoot lands in the realm of the paranormal too and since our research shows a possible connection of Biggie (as we like to call the beings) with UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) or a.k.a. UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) we are including research in Ufology.

We personally haven't seen the creature here yet, but have had some strange things happen that make us think there is a possibility of them being around us. 

Ever since Linda has come here to Parkersburg, West Virginia (Wood County) in 2017, she has been experiencing some anomalies that are common with Bigfoot sightings such as a shadowy figures walking in the woods, hearing tree knocking sounds within 100 feet, tree or tree branches snapping or breaking in the early morning hours, rocks (in this case a piece of asphalt) seeming to be thrown very near to her, and vocalizations that can't be explained.


Being interested in this amazing creature, I started coming down to do some checking and investigation and have experienced what sounded like a tree or a large branch being snapped (not a tree rotting off and falling off, but a very loud "snap") while playing my Native American Flute and some other strange things that can make someone question their sanity.  Along with our experiences we hope to provide a good amount of information as we go.

I've been with Linda since November of 2017 and we are now living together and planning to marry and are both hoping to find more evidence of what might be Bigfoot which we will share as time goes on.

We both are hoping and looking forward to possibly seeing what we both consider are sentient beings that are much more than what many think of only as a mere beast…and what Native Americans will sometimes call Protectors of the Forests.

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